Township of Marple
227 South Sproul Road
Broomall, Pennsylvania 19008-2397
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Paxon Hollow

Veteran's Memorial Park
Park & Recreation Committee Rep. John Beltrante
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     On Lawrence Rd, 0.6 miles from Rte 320. At the stoplight.

Large paved parking lot, including handi-capped parking.

Handi-capped accessible

What's There:
Extensive children's play area, paved walking circuit, large grassy sports field, enter-tainment gazebo, restrooms, soda machines.

No bicycling, skateboarding or rollerblading on the walking circuit or in the playground area.

This park is the township jewel. It has a beautiful new entertainment gazebo for concerts and presentations, modern clean restrooms, a snack bar for group use, and soda machines just waiting for your quarters.
There is an extensive children's playground with a hill that has a short slope facing the playground and a long slope away from the playground  great for sledding! Or just rolling down!
For the walkers/strollers  a paved 0.3 mile walking circuit that is well cared for and always busy.
The center of the park is a large grassy field that can be used for sports activities.
All points of the park are easily visible from within the park and from Lawrence Rd.
Pssst  everybody else already comes here!