Township of Marple
227 South Sproul Road
Broomall, Pennsylvania 19008-2397
Phone 610.356.4040  Fax 610.356.8751
Paxon Hollow

BROOMALL FILEDS:  Little League Baseball, snack bar.
Walking/hiking trail, country setting, Joey
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HIGHLAND AVE. PARK:  Little League Baseball, snack bar.
VETERANS PARK:  Extensive children's play area, paved walking circuit, large grassy sports field, enter-tainment gazebo, restrooms, soda machines.
OLD MARPLE SCHOOL: Modern children's playground equipment, picnic area, short walking trail, sledding hill. This is the newest of Marple's parks. It has modern, imaginative "treehouse" style playground equipment for children. Picnic tables for lunch, relaxing, etc. There are benches in the play area for parents. The small woodlot has a developing nature trail. There is plenty of open grassy space for just running around and a fine hill for sledding.
NEW ARDMORE AVE. PARK: Extensive children's playground equipment, picnic area, bar-b-que,  basketball court, huge grassy areas, Langford Run Creek.
SOUTH MARPLE L.L. :  Tennis courts, roller hockey rink, Little League baseball in the Spring, snackbar. The park is adjacent to the Loomis Elementary school play ground.
MALIN ROAD TOT-LOT:Children's modern playground equipment, picnic area, large grassy field.
Kent Park: Childrens & toddler swings, monkey-bars, slide, picnic area with bar-b-ques, gazebo with picnic benches, stream, paved walking trail, tennis courts.
MARPLE GARDENS: Monkey bars, ladder, swing sets, slide, picnic area, bar-b-que grill, basketball court, kids baseball/softball field. The baseball field is used for Tee-Ball during Baseball season.
THOMAS BALLFIELD: Two Little League Baseball fields, a Babe Ruth Baseball field,  two snack bars. There is a small playground just beyond first base at the Babe Ruth field. The fields border Kent Park. There is a path into Kent Park behind the Babe Ruth snack bar.